Media Force’s new office space is a captivating blend of contemporary design and the special street vibe inspirations of New York City. As an ad-tech’s leading data company, Media Force’s workspace is a dynamic fusion of data science precision and creative innovation.
With graffiti-style artwork adorning the walls, industrial-chic, and a touch of neon lights, stepping into this unique office feels like a stroll through the eclectic neighborhoods of the Big Apple. Illuminate your entryway with a neon hoop lamp that warmly greets you with a ‘There’s no place like Home’ message in a vibrant and stylish way. Dive into a neon skates dreamland at the game room, a tribute to the thrill of a timeless journey through urban streets and endless possibilities.

Architects: Gindi Studio

Photography: Shai Epstein

Size: 1700 sqm

Location: Holon

Year: 2023

Project Management: Maof

Contractor: Tidhar Construction

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