In the heart of Haifa, we had the privilege of meeting Insightec – an Israeli pioneer and global leader in focused ultrasound. The company leads research, development, and technology with a superior goal to help transform lives by delivering the therapeutic power of acoustic energy.

 Alongside Samuelov Architects we joined forces to create stunning designs for Insightec’s offices. The iconic plus sign of Insightec represents the transformation from negative to positive and symbolizes change just like their motto: “transforming tomorrows, today”. Throughout the corridors and interior spaces, our designs tell insightful stories, and the ultrasound waves echo over the walls and remind the employees of their true mission.

 One of our centerpieces is just around the corner (quite literally), dimming and lighting non-stop in a unique grid that expresses the transition of random dots into a steady and balanced center. A hop-on to the cafeteria will reveal a master ready-made piece in an exploded view, unveiling the various elements that make an Insightec product come to life.

Architects: Samuelov

Photography: Uzi & Tal Porat

Location: Haifa

Year: 2022

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