We are a design studio comprised of a tight-knit team of industrial and graphic designers, artists, and signage experts, all specializing in office interior design.
We create high-quality designs in our very own workshop and through hand-picked local artists and manufacturers.

Our Values, Our DNA:

Create WOW – Anything but ordinary
Design With Passion  – We love what we do
Teamwork – We play as a team
Customer Service – We got your back
Curiosity – We look for the exceptional
Quality – What we do we do well

Shahar Yaacobi

Founder and CEO

shoes on or shoes off

Einat Kirschner

Head of Design Studio

form or function

Dor Eli

Head of R&D

laser or cnc

Omer Fefer

Head of Production

makita or milwaukee

Liel Atsraf

Project Manager

minimal or bold

Lena Vul

Industrial Designer

keyshot or solidworks

Rina Fainshtein

Lead Graphic Designer

pixel or vector

Daria Moses

Graphic Designer

gradient or flat

Boaz Ezra

Graphic Designer

rgb or cmyk

Daria Solomkin

Graphic Designer

pinterest or dribble

Dima Zyabko


led or neon

Naor Van Spier


epoxy or super 7

Diego Altalef

Industrial Designer

wood or metal

Gal Cohen

Graphic Designer

isometric or flat

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