Jelly Button 2019

Jelly Button office design is an ongoing love story; this is the third time (!) that we have taken part in it. This time the company moved to a new location in Azrieli Sarona.
This young and cool company develops computer games, so visual richness, Japanese influences, and gameplay were a natural fit.
Seating areas for informal meetings and breaks include neon lamps, colorful wall reliefs, and benches designed with clean and free lines. All of these were designed and produced especially for the project in accordance with the brand and architecture of the office.
Based on clean architecture, we added a wink and a dash of humor to the design. The company’s employees enjoy an environment that promotes fun, playfulness, and 3D interactive elements.

Architects: Roy David

Photography: Itay Benit

Size: 2,500 sqm

Location: Sarona Tower, Tel Aviv,

Year: 2019

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