Anonymous Tel Aviv

In a sharp transition from the professional management offices in Caesarea, we once again met one of our favorite high-tech companies in Tel Aviv. 4 floors, full of amazing designs and opportunities for creativity that break boundaries. This time the design brief was completely different – an urban, young, and colorful style that reflects the bustling city around. Each wall in the office received its own artistic and creative character in order to emphasize the eclectic style of the street. Among the most prominent works in the office can be seen in the reception area the company logo made entirely of computer chips, and the Barcelona Wall, which represents one of the company’s products made of profiles that give it an industrial feel and a powerful look. The lockers scattered throughout the office received unique illustrations that incorporate various views of Tel Aviv. Inside the zoom rooms, we created the company logo each time with a different and special design – thus we maintained formality with a special twist.

Architects: Hadas Makov

Photography: Yoav Peled

Size: 6,000 sqm

Location: Azrieli, Tel Aviv

Year: 2021

Contractor: Shevet Biniamin

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