GE HealthCare

Technology and innovation were the driving forces behind the design of the new GE Healthcare offices. A breathtaking infinite standalone logo welcomes you after you step out of the elevators – inspired by the sleek and clean aesthetic of an MRI machine, capturing the essence of cutting-edge technology. Another wall that showcases GE’s work is based on brain scans translated into abstract layers. The graphic design throughout the office features extreme close-ups of skeleton parts blended in with abstract geometric shapes. Vibrant 3D typography creates a playful and optimistic atmosphere in the cafeteria. The colorful designs pop out against the neutral shades of the interiors, creating a dynamic visual contrast.

Architects: Setter

Photography: Uzi & Tal Porat

Size: 1,400 sqm

Location: Haifa

Year: 2023

Project Management: YBPM

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