Bringg is responsible for developing a technological product that offers a solution to the issue of the delivery experience, with an emphasis on the Last Mile – the last mile the package travels between the last point it arrived at and the customer’s doorstep.

The brief we received referred to the “green” and ecological shipping methods advocated by the company and along the way, we approached the subject in different and creative ways.

At the entrance to the company’s offices spread over two floors in the Azrieli triangle, we will be greeted by the custom-made reception desk, on which an animation with graphics based on the company’s branding language is running. In addition to it, a partition wall made of moss plants showcases the company’s values.

Behind him stands the Ready Made wall that stretches along the two floors of the offices. It displays vehicle parts in white on white and maintains a clean and powerful line that contrasts with the brand’s iridescent colors.

The sense of unceasing dynamism is felt through routes and arrows that accompany us in all the graphics and illustrations scattered throughout the office

Architects: Eli HaCohen

Photography: Uzi and Tal Porat

Size: 3,000 sqm

Location: Azrieli, Tel Aviv

Year: 2022

Project Management: Yaniv C. Engineering and Construction Ltd

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