The international company established its first offices in Israel in the heart of Tel Aviv.

Among the prominent elements in the office is knitting work on an especially large iron mesh, the creation of which requires welding several different mesh pieces without being able to see their connection points to each other or to the wall. It seems as if the mesh floats above the wall. In this process, the threads are woven together with precision without being able to see their connections to the mesh, which results in a uniform and modern look that corresponds with traditional needlework and creates a homely and aesthetic atmosphere. Graffiti was painted on a wall in the office by Erez Simach, a local Israeli artist who often creates on city streets; this version of street art is adapted to the high-tech environment, emphasizing the company’s connection to the new location. The music room is a fun place for the company’s employees and the graphic elements surround from all sides, similar to street art that spreads over wide walls in the city.

Architects: Setter

Photography: Uzi Porat

Size: 1,800 sqm

Location: Sarona tower, Tel Aviv

Year: 2018

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