Leo Burnett

Designing the Leo Burnett offices was an experiential process full of creativity, the proposals and concepts flowed and turned the office into a pleasant and dynamic place of a current and valued company that reinvents itself every day.

The company leads the campaigns of the biggest brands in the economy and within these walls the most innovative ideas in the advertising world are born and developed. The icons associated with the character of Leo Burnett are a green apple, a pencil with his signature, and his iconic glasses. From these, we put together the branding of the office in black-white-green colors. The illustrations that appear to be scribbled freehand are consistent with Brent’s work style and brand language. On the walls of the office appear illustrations from the world of fantasy, in which at a second glance you can discover elements that are identified with the brand and correspond with the overall design of the space.

Photography: Yoav Peled

Size: 800 sqm

Location: Bnei Brak

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