Attenti Is a high tech company providing solutions for bodies of enforcement, punishment and rehabilitation. They enable these institutions (the police, prisons, etc.) to know the location of a supervised being and if s/he is keeping up with the terms s/he were given. Attenti helps upkeep public safety, save lives and make the jobs of worker of the law more efficient. Amongst other things, they have developed an electronic cuff. This cuff was a main source of inspiration for a repetitive circle shape appearing on many wall designs in different variations. Their world of content has to do with “cops and robbers” which was taken to a more humoristic place – such as play on mystery and shadows which can be perceived as criminals running/hiding from the law. Some elements of illusion were incorporated in a sophisticated way into the graphics.

Architects: Devorah Blai Architects

Photography: Uzi Porat

Contractor: Electra Danko

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