Anonymous Caesarea

Situated in Caesarea, an innovative technology company specializing in machine learning did just that. They made sure we Combined elements that characterize them as a company engaged in the most innovative and groundbreaking field, all the while concerned with their employee’s well-being – Making sure to give them spaces that create a pleasant atmosphere.
The result is a delicate, clean design with touches of pastel colors that blend in with the colorfulness of the architecture.
Each of the walls is a unique work of art, including two designs inspired by the company’s products:
One of the company’s products is named after the architect Gaudi, so the cafeteria in the project received the architect’s special style. Incorporating mosaic columns that match the colors of the furniture and lamps, a tile sign at the entrance with the caption “Bon Appetite” in Spanish, and a 3D wall inspired by Gaudi.
The customers also wanted to create a work of art with 200 chips. – We designed a work that creates an optical illusion and conveys a sense of movement to emphasize one of the company’s values – speed, without compromising quality.

Architects: Hadas Makov

Photography: Uzi Porat

Size: 8,000 sqm

Location: Caesarea

Year: 2021

Project Management: JLL / Shimrit Magen, Omer Weitz, Itay Birger

Contractor: Electra Danko

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