Using creativity, color, shape, and material, we were able to create striking artwork for Wix’s newly opened campus in collaboration with their amazing design team. Keeping in mind that everything is allowed at Wix except black, we set off on a creative journey to inspire the imagination. We created large-scale murals, 3D designs, and prints that brought the space to life. All of the artworks were a perfect example of Wix’s energy and playfulness. We’re proud to be a part of this amazing project.

We are reminded to enjoy life by a wall of hourglasses that remind us to take a break and enjoy the moment. Embedded in the wall are marbles that give a playful wink. There is even a twist on colorful makeup sponges when they are turned into gradient art. The walls are visual reminders to take a break, inspire the creative side of our brains, and enjoy the simple things life has to offer.

And we are not done yet…

A special thanks to our amazing clients: Orly Kiryati, Doron Zin and Nofar Rosenblatt

Architects: Grynhaus

Photography: Amit Gosher

Size: 62,000 sqm

Location: Tel Aviv

Year: 2023

Project Management: Yaron levi

Contractor: Tidhar

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