As our collaboration with Verint started out, we soon discovered we were in the same mindset and worked smoothly and surely together.

It’s no surprise, Verint provides customer engagement solutions in such an organic way, and we were able to tap into that, using their brand’s organic textures to create some unique, custom-made designs.

“Let’s Talk” is the company’s Israel branch motto, incorporated into a peg board used for a different kind of communication, connecting employees and letting them express themselves daily. In the lobby area, a wall using their signature V in an illusion-creating pattern- showcasing motion, and a clear direction of movement, one Verint moves in as well.

Architects: Setter Architects – Michal Leitner

Photography: Uzi and Tal Porat

Size: 2,800 sqm

Location: Herzlyia

Year: 2022

Project Management: YBPM – Roni Mizrahi

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