Symantec, a project that is all about Tel Aviv and Israeliness in an American cyber company.
The city and the sea that are discovered from the office windows, together with the brand’s colors and the architectural design, entered the interior – in the cafeteria, deck chairs from the beach, a lifeguard booth, and walls full of graphics on concrete.
The staircase has become an integral part of the office and creates dynamism and movement as in the bustling city.
The company is engaged in information security and in its offices, you will find motifs of locks and keys, look for them all …

Architects: Hadas Makov

Photography: Yoav Peled

Size: 4,500 sqm

Location: Alon towers, Tel Aviv

Year: 2018

Project Management: Adi Coriel Luster

Contractor: A. Weiss LTD

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