Cyberproof provides security and protection services and assists in the fight against corporate cyberattacks.

The office floor spreads out in the iconic triangular shape of the Azrieli Towers and creates a unique division of the interior space.

Together with the clients, we created a design language in pastel colors that instills an atmosphere of calm and warmth and invites employees to feel at home. Wandering through the corridors reveals sitting areas and shared hybrid work rooms with designs that remind us how much teamwork is an essential element of the company.

The phone booths are undoubtedly one of the special areas of the project. They combine graphics on external sliding doors and on the walls of the interior booths in precise synergy. The work environment is characterized by wavy lines that maintain a uniform appearance and accommodate the branding language

Architects: EN

Photography: Gidon Levin

Size: 1,200 sqm

Location: Azrieli, Tel Aviv

Year: 2022

Project Management: Iter Engineering and Project Management Ltd. (Avishi Varan)

Contractor: A. Weiss Construction and Supervision Ltd

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