Papaya Global

It’s fun to share the amazing project we produced at Papaya’s offices.
In a combination of local and global, abstract, art, intelligence, FUN, a dynamic atmosphere, and also authenticity, we designed objects and graphics that are the essence of Papaya Global.
They are not ashamed to talk about money and it’s a positive thing! Because Papaya Global makes sure to transfer payments to employees around the world, they bring simple innovation.
Papaya consists of a very diverse human substance, with a common denominator of intelligence, dynamism, and a young atmosphere. So we went for an abstract and a few winks of humor that blended in with the architectural palette and along with that, we added touches of our own.
At the entrance to the company’s offices, we created an 8-meter-long three-dimensional wall that creates different volumes in a uniform and pleasant shade, and in the same breath, the concrete column in front of it received a similar volume play.
Fun to work with good people, up the roof energies, and happy colors.

Architects: Hagai Nagar

Photography: Yoav Peled

Size: 2,500 sqm

Location: Recital Hagag building, Tel Aviv

Year: 2020

Project Management: Yeda, Engineering and Management

Contractor: Top Design, Construction and Investments

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