Most of us know Alice because-this is how you book flights today,
But the skies were closed! This sure did not make us stay put so we flew over their offices.
Black Rabbit is a young company full of fun and good times.
We Pinned Japan as our destination on the map to celebrate a world of games, surrealism from a distant culture, global design in a wild and vibrant palette.
Subdued figures in the living room with rebellious graffiti stains, protesting neon signs, sun slowly rising over a bustling city…
that is how we describe Japan – a beautiful combination of elegant avant-garde.
We did not leave any deprived space, talented artist Arzo painted freestyle on the lockers.
Because that’s how they are in Black Rabbit, free and dynamic without limits, what fun they took us on a journey
Let’s sum it up in one word – pleasure!

Architects: EN design studio

Photography: Gideon Levin

Size: 600 sqm

Location: Recital Hagag Building, Tel Aviv

Year: 2020

Project Management: Osnat Efrati

Contractor: Shevet Benyamin

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