We are proud to present a project we collaborated on with Mishpacha Newspaper and the Haredi Institute for Public Affairs. We merged in the design language between Mishpacha Newspaper- which connects communities and different groups in the Haredi sector, and the Haredi Institute for Public Affairs both of whom are located on the same floor.The design narrative in the project in influenced by the connection of the two companies – the dialogue, the shared ideas, the invitation for conversation. These are shown with duo-languaged walls in the shared Meeting rooms which show respect to the written word and the verbal language. For Mishpacha Newspaper we used a printing house engravement so the authentic aluminum surfaces become the base for the company logo. Another wall is a display of newspapers from different publications laid out on a concrete wall, giving a modern touch of the company’s work. For the Haredi Institute for Public Affairs, we designed a wall of books, creating a color gradient in the company’s tones, telling the story of the connection of researchers and research fellows of the Haredi Institute for Public Affairs.

Architects: Hadas Makov

Photography: Yoav Peled

Size: 2,500 sqm

Location: Jerusalem

Year: 2022

Project Management: Dan Engineers Inc.

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