We are thrilled to share with you a project we designed for the new offices of HYP. The company specializes in services in the credit card payments field and providing solutions for 360 different businesses, from freelancers to big corporations. The circle, stars in graphics and 3D designs as an expression of the 360 solutions. The subtle colors are taken from the visual language of the brand and are incorporated with the colors of the clean architecture, along with deep and mature colors telling the rich past of the company – made of numerous small companies combined into one. The Ready-Made wall of history presents the original swiping machines of the company throughout its activity. A 3D wall made of pipes and buttons is in correlation to motions and dynamics being repeated in the branding language of the company. The graphics translating from the walls to the glass, create a wholistic feeling and portray the role of the different companies.

Architects: EN

Photography: Gidon Levin

Size: 2,400 sqm

Location: Sorek Industrial Zone ,Yavne

Year: 2022

Contractor: Shevet Benyamin

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