A combination of technological innovation and physical infrastructure.
That was the challenge posed by Locusview, a company that brings innovation to the energy industry. It was important for us to combine the tangible physical world in which the company’s customers work, together with the data world that represents the advanced technology that Locusview uses to provide solutions for mapping infrastructure.
The concept of the Visible underground project accompanied us throughout all the designs in which layering was incorporated to show the different layers of the infrastructure. Locusview’s software can be seen in the designs that combine the icons and colors of the brand.
Our designs are present throughout the office not only on the walls of the rooms but also as a power wall in the reception, as CNC on the reception desk, partitions with pots in the open space, and on the glass partitions in the open space and the rooms.

Architects: Samuelov Studio

Photography: Uzi Porat

Location: Hertzlyia

Year: 2020

Project Management: Omer Weitz

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