Jelly Button 2015

The design of the new Jelly Button offices is full of fun colors and playfulness – just like the daily life of the company’s employees. The company logo is an iconic figure of a jellyfish. It is impossible not to fall in love with it at first sight. In keeping with this figure, the underwater world was chosen as the inspiration for the design of the offices. This iconic figure welcomes those who enter at a reception desk made with an embroidery method and designed to fit the space and the brand. To enhance the experience in the space, elements from the brand were incorporated into the project icons and street art in a geometric language that emphasizes the architectural line. Systems of whiteboards and boxes on rails were custom-built for the space, so that their position can be changed from time to time.

Architects: EN

Photography: Yoav Gurin

Size: 700 sqm

Location: Tel Aviv

Year: 2015

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