The design of the offices of the well-known application Gett led us to design a dynamic space that adapts itself to changing needs, Just like the app. The space is characterized according to the nature of the company and gives a home to a brand whose presence is mostly outside. From the world of the app’s content, movement and navigation, we created yellow lines on the floor of the office that define the route for the visitor. In order to adapt the space to the number of drivers training taking place at the same time, semi-sealed partitions were custom-assembled in yellow, drawn from the company’s branding. The use of the partitions is super comfortable, thanks to the wheels connected to them, which not only serve functionality but also connect to the company’s content world. The space that changes all the time, expresses the dynamism and modularity of the company.

Architects: EN

Photography: Yoav Peled

Size: 100 sqm

Location: Tel Aviv

Year: 2018

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