Spiral Solutions

Spiral solutions office design brought us all the way to the Galilee. The vision for the project began with the phrase “Connecting nature and High-Tech, while designing a work environment that produces productivity and expanding horizons”. This unique definition led to a characterization that combines technology and innovation through materials and techniques relevant to the Galilee. A deep connection was created between the company’s offices and the environment in which it operates through the integration of the landscape surrounding the offices and the use of elements from all over the Galilee – like mosaics that correspond with the ancient settlement of Zipori that existed in the area until the fifth century, and the Goshen wood that we bent, using a unique technology that combines old and new – plastic molding that fixes the wood in the shape of the bend. Also, as a part of the integration between the environment and the interior, huge prints appear on the walls showing views taken from the roof of the office. The final result is unique and proves that an innovative High-Tech industry exists in the Galilee as well.

Architects: Debbie Siegelman & Rinat Keinan

Photography: Yoav Peled

Size: 2,000 sqm

Location: Bar Lev Industrials Park

Year: 2017

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