Our story with soda begins with a visit to the factory, where a whole world of materials, processes, and color opened up for us. On the production line we noticed a combination of cultures, Arabs, Druze, and Jews working side by side, and more than that, we realized that the company’s goal is to save the world from bottled waste and on the way to produce quality soda.
We tested production processes, disassembled and reassembled raw materials, made an effort to recycle what exists and save the world, out of all this a vibrant atmosphere was created and all that’s left for us was to just start playing.
Between the photos, you can see bubbles and waves scattering in the space, bottle partitions, and shipping boxes in a new incarnation that have become bar tables, all of these along with lots of creative freedom and green vegetation.
Can you identify all the recycled items?

Architects: Gindi

Photography: Uzi Porat

Size: 4,800 sqm

Location: Kfar Saba

Year: 2019

Project Management: David Raz-Shai Allaluf

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