SciPlay is a leading developer of digital games for mobile and web, providing free-to-play games that attract people to play for their authenticity, engagement and fun.
SciPlay’s “passion to win” is showcased through an exciting office space that creates a fun, playful, and inspiring environment for every employee. The designs include dashes of color, funky characters, and bespoke elements that narrate the story of SciPlay for all to behold.
Central to this project are the iconic characters, unequivocally the stars of our endeavor. The playfulness of every character, together with its storyline and game-environment were all thoughtfully curated for SciPlay’s office space.
At the entrance of the offices, you’ll be welcomed by the firing flame of the Sciplay’s logo through a unique neon lightbox. Character development have been seamlessly integrated with hand-made sketches and carpets on wood pieces adding depth and personality. The #playtogether room is adorned with an entire wall enveloped in ping-pong balls, setting the tone for a game to start.

Architects: En Studio

Photography: Gidon Levin

Size: 1,400

Location: Tel Aviv

Year: 2023

Project Management: Top Handasa

Contractor: Style Projects

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