The inspiring slogan “light your fire,” ignited our creativity. Our aim was to create a young, fun, and colorful office space for the startups accompanying it. We created different elements representing fire around the office using hand-drawn graffiti and colorful illustrations. Continuing this theme we created a wall showcasing all the startup logos on lighters. The wall is dynamic allowing the addition of logos when needed. The instruction room is used by two different companies so we took a more minimal approach to the design but didn’t forget to include some humor. The graphic design represents the creativity of the space with a fun Rube Goldberg machine while the main 3D wall incorporates an interchangeable logo display.

Architects: Hadas Makov

Photography: Uzi Porat

Size: 1,200 sqm

Location: Azrieli, Tel Aviv

Year: 2021

Contractor: Shevet Biniamin

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