Gong is a company working with artificial intelligence, helping different organizations to improve their communication with clients. The company has developed software that has the ability to listen to a conversation and transcribe it, understand the content of the conversation and conclude the level of satisfaction of the client after the conversation. After that, it has the ability to categorize thousands of these conversations into more successful or less successful and analyze analytically the success factors. Gong’s product changes the way companies work with clients: it excludes the need to summarize meetings and to feed data to organizational systems and assists them to advance professionally. The atmosphere we aspired to achieve during this project is a young vibe, with an emphasis on big impact, boldness, energy and dynamics. As soon as you step out of the elevator, you will be escorted by floor stickers shaped as an erupting icon all the way to the entrance door. In the entrance of the 40th floor offices, you will be welcomed by a living room where a huge gong is staged and a view of all of Tel Aviv is seen. The color palette of the project is made of dominant hues with a great presence.

Architects: Limor Liani-Bohbot

Photography: Uzi Porat

Location: Ramat Gan

Year: 2022

Contractor: Iter Engineering

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