Eset offers security solutions for strong protection against cyber attacks.

The company’s main slogan “People with solutions” walked with us throughout all the designs. From this point, we set out and chose to focus on the people themselves. The company’s brand image is a gentle and elegant combination of the cyber security world and touches of color. Upon entering the company’s offices, you will encounter a glass with the image of Andy the robot on it, with contour lines in a subtle but present and elegant design. On top of the glass running along the offices you will see the skyline of the cities of Tel Aviv and Bratislava representing the main branches of the company. The slogan can be seen clearly expressed on the walls of the meeting rooms where a Hungarian cube combining the company’s name and a mysterious enigma is displayed. A riddle wall in the main meeting room combines icons from familiar songs. In order to reach the solution, you will have to connect all the words and enter a website designed especially for the wall.

Architects: Roy David

Photography: Itay Benit

Size: 1,020 sqm

Location: Holon

Year: 2021

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